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What is a Shrub?

What is a shrub? The first thing that comes to mind might be a small, woody plant that grows in your garden or elsewhere. Well, there is also a shrub drink! While the early English version of the shrub was used in medicinal cordials in the early 1600s. Concisely, a shrub is an acidulated concoction of fruit, berries, aromatics, sugar, and vinegar that are used at the base in many cocktails, or in our case soft drinks.

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Experience Our Afternoon Table Side Coffee Service

Come for the coffee, stay for the experience, introducing 18 Gram’s Afternoon Table Side Coffee Service for Two. Available every afternoon after 2 pm 18 Grams brings the high-tea experience to coffee.  Featuring a table-side siphon preparation of Single Origin coffee served with an assortment of the sweet & savory. Our coffee service is relaxing way to catch up up with friends or family.

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Hop ‘n Hog 2018

That’s right folks, 18 Grams is going OOS (that’s Out of the Shop for you non-acronym types).  This coming Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 we will be serving some specials toasts, coffee and other items at Culpeper’s own Block Party – Hop N Hog! Taking place in the Depot District in Downtown Culpeper from Noon – 5 pm, this event will offer an exciting afternoon of live Music, regional BBQ, craft beer, lawn games and of course our special take on our signature toasts.   Read more

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