Menu - 18 Grams Coffee Lab
Espresso Based
Gourmet Latte
Epicurean Toasts
    • Espresso Based

    • 2 (espresso)

      2 (espresso)


      A simple double shot of Counter Culture's amazing espresso

    • 4 (cortado)

      4 (cortado)


      2 oz shot of espresso and 2 oz of microfoamed milk

    • 6 (Flat White/Cappuccino)

      6 (Flat White/Cappuccino)


      A 2 oz double shot of espresso and 4 oz of microfoamed milk

    • 12 (latte)


      A 2 oz double shot of espresso with 10 oz of micro foamed milk.

    • Coffee

    • Batch Brew - 12 oz


      Our house coffee prepared with traditional brewing method.

    • Iced Coffee


      Our house coffee prepared cold, perfect anytime.

    • Single Origin Pour Over

      $4.75 - $5.50

      Limited release, single origin coffee prepare by hand using a Kalita Wave dripper

    • Single Origin - Iced Japanese Style


      Better than cold brew.  Our limited SO coffee prepared specifically to be consumed cold.  No cream or sugar, please.

    • Gourmet Latte

    • Chocolate Raspberry Latte

    • Thin Mint Latte

    • Mexican Mocha Latte

    • Matcha Latte

    • Spiced Beet Root Latte

    • Epicurean Toasts

    • Avocado Toast


      Our signature item.  Four simple ingredients make this the best avocado toast you've even had.  We promise!

    • Nt.Y.K PB&J


      Not your kids peanut butter & jelly!  Organic peanut butter topped with local blueberry preserves, raspberry preserves, peanut butter granola served on our signature sour dough.

    • Berry Ricotta Toast


      Our housemate lemon-honey ricotta topped with a mixture of fresh berries, lemon zest and a honey drizzle served on a hearty 9 Grain,

    • Banana Ricotta Toast


      Our housemade lemon-honey ricotta topped wit fresh banana, medjool dates and honey drizzle, served on a hearty 9 grain.

    • Banana Berry Toast


      Organic almond butter, topped with fresh banana, fresh strawberriesm crunchy granola & honey drizzle, served on a hearty 9 Grain

    • Curry Chicken Toast


      Organic chicken breast, tossed in our house made curry, yogurt & golden raisins.  Topped with dried cranberries and. pomegranate molasses.  Served on a hearty 9 Grain.

    • Summer Squash & Smashed Feta Toast


      Lemon & pistachio marinated summer squash, creamy smashed feta topped with pistachios. Served on our signature Sourdough

    • Sandwiches

    • Tenderloin Steak Sandwich

      Tenderloin Steak Sandwich


      Herb roasted tenderloin, topped with a spicy tomato relish, Bibb lettuce & Dijon. Served on our signature sourdough

    • Gruyere, Ham & Blackberry Grilled Cheese


      Our adult version of a kids favorite. Melted, creamy gruyere, with local Country Ham and Housemade blackberry preserves, grilled to perfection.

    • Pesto Chicken TBM


      Organic chicken with pesto, fresh, local tomatoes, mozzzarella, basil topped with our homemade sun-dried tomato tapenade served on our signature sourdough.

    • Country Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit


      Local country ham & fresh organic egg topped with melted gruyere & spicy arugula served on a homestyle buttermilk biscuit.

    • Brie Smothered Chicken Sandwich


      Organic grilled chicken, smothered in brie, with grilled peaches, topped with tarragon dressed arugula. Served on our Signature Sourdough toast.

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