June 17, 2019 Lab Curator

What is a Shrub?

What is a shrub? The first thing that comes to mind might be a small, woody plant that grows in your garden or elsewhere. Well, there is also a shrub drink! While the early English version of the shrub was used in medicinal cordials in the early 1600s. Concisely, a shrub is an acidulated concoction of fruit, berries, aromatics, sugar, and vinegar that are used at the base in many cocktails, or in our case soft drinks.

Our shrubs are made from only the freshest, seasonal fruits & berries lending them to a sweet, refreshing beverage that screams of summer! And while many people are turned off by the thought of vinegar in a shrub. Don’t be. The vinegar provides a distinct tangy bite that works wonderfully with the sweetness of fresh fruit. It cleanses the palate, quenches thirst, and it’s ridiculously refreshing.

Each week we will be making a variety of fresh shrubs for you to enjoy with our summer menu.


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