September 26, 2018 Lab Curator

Hop ‘n Hog 2018

That’s right folks, 18 Grams is going OOS (that’s Out of the Shop for you non-acronym types).  This coming Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018 we will be serving some specials toasts, coffee and other items at Culpeper’s own Block Party – Hop N Hog! Taking place in the Depot District in Downtown Culpeper from Noon – 5 pm, this event will offer an exciting afternoon of live Music, regional BBQ, craft beer, lawn games and of course our special take on our signature toasts.  

We’re bringing a unique menu to this block party so all of Culpeper can experience our craftily prepared coffee & food.  Our menu will include:


Beef Bourguignon Toasts

Tuscan Pesto Chicken Toasts

Signature Nitro Cold Brew


Assorted Maine Root Sodas

Route 11 Chips

So make sure you purchase your tickets ahead of time for the best price, but tickets will be available at the gate for $15. See you all there!

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